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Therapist Reviews

How assessment led Bowen has improved practice.

Matt - Physiotherapist

I decided to train in the Bowen technique after struggling myself with a chronic back and shoulder problem following an accident. I had been working as a qualified physiotherapist for 10 years before that and none of the treatment I received gave me any relief. After only two sessions of Bowen my symptoms dramatically improved. 

Once I had completed the basic training I was already seeing vastly superior results with the majority of my patients compared to when I was using a physiotherapeutic approach. However, I was left frustrated because I was used to assessing my patients and was now using mainly guesswork with a ‘hit and hope’ approach.

Thankfully I came across Graham Pennington's work which taught a holistic assessment approach enabling me to target my treatments to each individual patient. The approach is grounded with strong underlying principles and philosophy.

Since working within these principles my results have continued to improve along with my efficiency in treating my patients.

I would highly recommend Phil’s course as right at the beginning you will learn how to use holistic assessment to apply a holistic therapy.

Robert - Therapist

“This assessment approach has completely transformed my practice. I am much better informed at every stage of treatment and am really enjoying "unpicking each puzzle". I now have a core foundation to compare client to client, and this is allowing me to learn so much faster.

The process and structure of this method is a strong, repeatable model for treatment, and I have to say that this is without any doubt, the most digestible and pragmatic system to develop a deeper understanding for this great technique. 

I have longed for something like this in my practice to close the gaps in my holistic appreciation and I can honestly say that this is what you have created for me and so many others.”

Ozana - Physiotherapist

After working as a physiotherapist for 12 years, I became a Bowen therapist. With this new technique my treatments became holistic and applicable to the wider population, and not only for musculoskeletal and neurological patients. I was very impressed with the results!

After practising Bowen for six years, in 2014 I learned Graham Pennington approach and immediately integrated it to my treatment. It is incredible how much more you can get from Bowen therapy if you apply this approach to assessing, finding a reason for dysfunction and then correcting it. 

That should be the goal for every treatment and the best way to do it is to learn Bowen with this approach to assessment from the first day. I would definitely recommend Phil's course!

Chris - Muscular Skeletal therapist

"This is exciting!  And after 40 years of bodywork practice and so many trainings.  I've never come across something this comprehensive, so grounded in clinical theory, evidence based and compelling.  This course is such a joy and the results are extraordinary!  Phil's passion, depth and breadth of knowledge, and non judgmental encouragement is inspiring.  I'm really looking forward to practice with this approach"

Client Reviews


In 1991 I had a motorcycle accident. Ever since, I’ve suffered from lower back pain. I have been to the O’s (physio, chiro, osteo,) all have been beneficial, but only temporary. Also Pilates and yoga. Again, a temporary fix.
Phil, at Hands On, after 3 sessions has put me right. I am pain free for the first time in 23 years.
Phil, I can’t thank you enough.
The Bowen technique is definitely the one.



Four weeks ago I was on crutches, in lots of pain and on a high dose of painkillers. I had severe hip/back pain, unable to do lots of things. Hands on was recommended to me, so thought it was worth a try, anything to stop the pain. 
It has been the best thing I have ever done, Phil uses the Bowen technique, and I am now off of the crutches and the painkillers, and feel pretty amazing. I just wish I had heard about this place months ago, I now recommend to everyone I can, and a few of my friends have already been and are getting great results! Can't thank these guys enough!!


I visited the clinic on 3rd January for a float and treatment with Phil, whilst visiting relatives in Braunton. I have suffered 20 years of escalating and debilitating pelvis and back problems and have seen more than 20 'professionals' including several physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, pain specialists and doctors. I have had all sorts of opinions, 'diagnoses' and treatments (including injections, denervation treatment, shockwave therapy and endless manipulations) but no one has ever got to the bottom of my issues and I have continued to suffer and lead an increasingly restricted life. It had got to the point where my pelvis would not stay in place and I had a daily battle with pain.
After examining me Phil confidently 'diagnosed' that the issue is actually with my neck and the referred pain and issues all stemmed from this - basically very tight muscles and tension around my neck/shoulders/head... 
Well...this was a revelation to me...and amazingly, low and behold, 4 weeks on I am still feeling the benefits!! I quit going to the most recent physio I had been seeing weekly for the past 20 months and sought out a local Bowen practitioner in my home town. I have been to her 3 times now.
It is still early days but for the first time in so long I am more consistently comfortable than not, 
I wanted to say a huge 'thank you', although words are not really enough to express my gratitude for saving me from a life of pain.


I started having Bowen therapy with Phill about two and a half years ago and I haven’t looked back since! It is no overstatement when I say Bowen therapy has completely transformed my life. 
I initially came to Bowen therapy in desperation as I had been having to visit an osteopath almost every week because of an agonising neck problem and my heart and wallet was in despair! 
After only three visits to Phill my neck problem had completely gone! I was amazed because I had been in so much pain for so long. After a few more treatments Bowen seemed to be having a very positive effect on my Chronic Fatigue/M.E symptoms that I had lived with since I was 16 years old. I managed this well by looking after myself well but every now and then I would have flare ups where I would be so tired I could hardly walk up the stairs. I couldn’t keep up with my friends who were all leading very active lives and doing anything fun and active would leave me exhausted for days afterwards. It was miserable! 
But this is not the case anymore! I now am able to work five days a week in a very busy job, exercise four days a week, and swim in the sea at any chance I get. This is a big difference from being left exhausted by a day’s work and just wanting to go to bed when I got home. I cannot recommend Bowen therapy enough. I never EVER thought that I would be able to be this active and pain free and still have bundles of energy. So when I say Bowen therapy has changed my life, I absolutely mean it! I have recommended it to so many other people with aches and pains and chronic fatigue and they report fantastic results too. If Bowen therapy was prescribed by the NHS there would be so many less people on antidepressants and painkillers! 
I have not come across another Bowen Therapist quite as good as Phill, which is why I now travel back from Plymouth to come to the Hands On Clinic.


 Being a professional horse rider, my body gets a battering!!! I have tried various treatments over the years!!! I have just started treatment with Phil at Hands On! Its the first time I've tried Bowen!!
I'm so pleased to find a treatment that finally works for me!! Phil is brilliant!! Very clever, professional and knowledgeable !!
Highly recommend to anyone!!!

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