Assessment Led Bowen Training

 A Targeted Approach to Bodywork


The Course

This course is designed to teach Bowen technique to experienced bodyworkers who are looking to develop advanced clinical skills to help more clients, shorten treatment times and to increase career longevity.



You’ll learn assessment techniques to enable you to find and target your client’s “primary dysfunction”, the underlying cause of their problem.


You’ll learn treatment techniques that will allow you to quickly and efficiently correct the cause of your client’s symptoms.


Using the same assessment techniques, you'll be able to get confirmation that your intervention has been successful. There’s no need to guess.


What is Bowen Technique?


Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique that we practice in the 21st century is based on the work of the Australian therapist Tom Bowen (1916-1982). It is a style of targeted neuro-muscularskeletal therapy which seeks to restore healthy spinal function by addressing imbalances associated with the pelvis, spine and skull, and then integrates that with the rest of the body.

The established Bowen training colleges teach a simplified, standardised approach in a way which echoes Swedish massage: a basic whole-body routine with 12 predetermined extra “procedures” for different body parts. Many experienced therapists quickly find this too limiting and are forced to seek out more sophisticated training. We offer you that training up front.

The genius of Bowen’s work was how he could target his intervention and get to the root of the problem. This is entirely absent in the procedural approach, and not part of the foundation training of other Bowen schools.


Why Learn The Bowen Technique ?

Bowen Technique is a powerful and effective way of treating muscular and structural issues in the body. It aims to influence the dura mater and thus also effects the body's neurological system. By assessing and treating the whole body, it can often find resolution where previous modalities have failed, giving you tools to fix a wide variety of different complaints and help a broader range of clients.

The assessed approach to Bowen offers two major advantages to you as a therapist: the technique is easy on your body, allowing for greater career longevity, and treatment times are often dramatically shorter than massage therapy so you can see many more clients in a day, increasing your income while helping more people. Most treatment times are under 20 minutes.


Why Learn Bowen with ALBT ?

Our approach to Bowen is different to other Bowen trainings: you learn a style of assessment which is integrated into treatment, making work much more stimulating for you as a therapist and more effective for all your clients, including those with difficult presentations.

Our courses are aimed at motivated, established therapists, so the teaching does not have to cater to people with no bodywork background. (Do you remember what you were like when you started!?) This makes it possible to cover the material more quickly. 

Because the course can be shorter it can therefore be cheaper, as you already have a lot of relevant knowledge, experience and practice at learning bodywork. Doing a core training with some of the other colleges can cost you in excess of £2,500. We have lower overheads and can give you more content for less investment.


Thank you Phil for an amazing and inspiring course !

Claire C

Thank you Phil for a brilliant course.
Your teaching and explanations are so understandable.
I can't wait to get started in clinic again.

Sue U

Great learning. Probably the best in the hands-on field I've experienced !

Dr. Neil Milliken

I’d also like to echo what others are saying - totally amazing course, met all of my (high) expectations!

Angela K


From an Osteopath

"It's blown me away !"

Well you can teach an “Old Dog” new tricks!

Having worked as an Osteopath for over 30 years, I made the rash decision take on the ALBT training with Phil, inspired by the change he had made to my gait. (one year post knee surgery).

30 case studies later many fantastic hours spent learning with a small group of varied practitioners, I’ve found the missing link to my Cranial Osteopathic work, and the more structural work I regularly see in practice.
The assessments and the techniques allow me  to be more specific and effective. They combine beautifully and give shape to my existing techniques. So pleased I took the plunge!

Rebecca Popplewell (Osteopath)


Course Details

Here’s What’s Happening

Course Approach

The Assessment Led Bowen Training course teaches the approach developed by Graham Pennington, an Australian Bowen practitioner and teacher who has spent decades learning from some of the men who worked directly with Tom Bowen, notably Romney Smeeton.

Graham's system of targeted treatment is becoming the industry standard as Bowen therapists worldwide search for teachable, logical and practical assessment techniques that constantly deliver positive results.

Our course textbook is his 'A Textbook of Bowen Technique' which is a concise, detailed presentation of the Bowen work

Aims of the Course

This course will teach you simple and effective methods of assessment that can target the primary dysfunctions of the body. Then you'll be taught the fundamental Bowen techniques to address the various structures of the body.

The course will leave you with a high standard of clinical practice, ready to help your clients. You will be trained to individually assess *every* client and treat them exactly as they need, so you will not need to keep taking courses to learn endless new protocols for more and more complex conditions or different populations.

Course Structure and Duration

The course is for existing therapists with at least a level 3 bodywork qualification. It takes place with a 4 day block to start with. (this allows a big solid foundation for you to start with and then go away to practice) and then 3 weekends of 2 days. This is to allow for practice, integration and writing case studies between the modules.

You'll initially be taught the assessment techniques and how to make the Bowen "move" to the correct structures of the body to remedy the dysfunctions identified through assessment. Then, systematically, you’ll learn how to treat the “central axis” (pelvis, spine, neck, jaw and skull) and the “peripheries” (e.g. legs, knees, ankles, shoulders, arms and wrists). There will also be special instruction in treatment of pregnant women and of babies.

In addition to the case studies, your progress will be continually assessed in class and there will be a final practical and written test.

Group size is restricted to 12 people to allow the teacher to spend time giving you the individual help and mentoring that you need.


About Us

Assessment Led Bowen Training was inspired by the need to create a high quality Bowen practitioner training programme.

Phil has been a therapist for 25+ years, starting as a massage/sports massage therapist. He then studied Ayurvedic massage in India and an Advanced Diploma in Manipulative therapy. He ran a busy, full time practice, firstly in Oxford and now in Devon where he and his wife run Hands On Clinic. 

He started his Bowen journey in 2011. He was amazed by the speed and effectiveness of the treatment, but, frustrated by the standardised method of teaching, he quickly developed his own assessment protocols and method of practice. Then he discovered Graham Pennington's book and his Importance of Symmetry class. This was an instant light bulb moment, and he's never looked back. However, he was frustrated with his initial training wishing he learnt this method from the very start, which, with Graham Pennington’s encouragement, led to the creation of this course.


Course Dates  and Venue

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The Double Tree By Hilton, Bristol North

Woodlands Ln, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 4JF

Module 1 Sept 8-11

Module 2 Oct 8-9

Module 3 Nov 5-6

Revision / Assessment Nov 26-27 

The cost of the course is

Early Bird £1350 

£1500 if paid upfront.


Intensive 10 day course

This can be arranged in any venue in any country with 8 to 12 students wishing to study. 
Please contact for further details


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