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3 Down 1 to Go !

I am really happy to have completed the first 3 "Fine Tuning the Neck" workshops, in Taunton, Glasgow and Solihull. It was a great experience. I am really grateful to all the wonderful therapists who came and gave so much to each workshop and made them a really interactive experience. (So interactive I forgot to take any group photos.)

It has been especially satisfying to get great feedback. How they have used this work in their clinics with their clients and what profound and positive results they are getting from the work.

"This is such a useful course and all in a single day. Everyone has neck issues of one sort or another. I think since doing this I have used some of the releases in every client - and will immediate improved ROM (range of movement) too" - Sue

"Amazing results with this work so far, Monday I saw a client with a stubborn shoulder issue. This is due to her being a hair dresser and although we would make progress the next day she is back to the same repetitive movements. Received a message yesterday ‘feeling loads better and much more mobile’. I say that's a result. Thanks Phil" - Sarah

"Thanks to Phil for the great workshop at the weekend.. soo many miles driven to pass on his way of working.

I have used this neck work on every client so far, one a new lady yesterday.. got this message today.

"I am not sure what you did to me yesterday, the treatment varied from incredibly relaxing to pretty uncomfortable on the odd occasion. However, today I feel incredible. It's the first time in months that I have not had any neck pain and when driving I can actually look over my shoulder. Thank you" - Sally

The "one to go" is the last neck workshop for a while (probably until next Autumn) and that will be in Manchester on November 14th.

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